Wir suchen: Lehrlinge Bürokaufmann/-frau, Platten – und Fliesenleger/in

Lehre Platten – und Fliesenleger/in

Ausbildung: 3 Jahre, Eintritt nach Vereinbarung

Das erwarten wir von dir:

  • positiven Abschluss der neunjährigen Schulpflicht
  • es macht dir Spaß flexibel zu sein und Neues zu lernen
  • Du magst Keramik und liebst schönes Wohnen
  • technisches bzw. handwerkliches Geschick und ein gutes Raumgefühl
  • kontaktfreudig, teamorientiert und lernfreudig sein
  • Du bist verantwortungsbewusst
  • Du solltest bereit sein, dich weiter zu entwickeln

Das bieten wir dir:

  • spannende Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten
  • sehr gutes Betriebsklima in einem dynamischen erfolgreichen Team
  • Lehrlingsentschädigung brutto für 38,5 Wochenstunden von monatlich: 1.LJ: € 554,–, 2. LJ: € 775,–, 3. LJ: € 942,– (14 Gehälter im Jahr); je nach Ausbildung ist eine Überzahlung möglich
  • Ein stabiler, sicherer Ausbildungsbetrieb mit modernsten Produkten und Verarbeitungsmethoden

Sende uns deine schriftliche Bewerbung inklusive Lebenslauf und Foto sowie die Abschlusszeugnisse an: office@baukeramik.cc

Das Baukeramikteam freut sich auf dich!

Baukeramik auf der Bauen und Wohnen 2016

Vom 11. bis 14. Februar 2016 fand im Messezentrum Salzburg die „Bauen und Wohnen Messe“ statt. Hier erfuhren Interessierte wie auch Fachkundige alles Wissenswerte rund ums Bauen, Wohnen und Sanieren. Natürlich durfte auf solch einer Fachmesse auch Baukeramik nicht fehlen. Hier unser Bericht über unsere Erlebnisse und ein paar Bilder zum Einsehen – das war die Bauen und Wohnen 2016.

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Musically published felt while not dropping various Time

CLEVELAND, Ohio aIf a person has boys and girls on cardiovascular system college or university, it’s likely that you already know all over musical. Ly, yet the video cultural network, and its own brand-new spinoff, live. Ly. But then are currently that these apps harmless made for boys and girls?

Here’s yet the rundown. What is musical. Ly?

Musical. Ly, yet the Shanghai-based social-media network, is only very popular with teenagers only to preteens. Remarks on app’s quantity of affiliates vary from 60 million directly to 120 million. Irrespective, an incredible number of boys and girls are employing it to construct 15-second movies of themselves singing, lip-syncing only to dancing. Yet the app, which was highlighted on 2014, is only for free made for Apple only to Android appliances. Affiliates, or “Musers” since followers of the app contact themselves, am going to follow accounts to keep tabs on their favorite artists. Mega-popular superstars, relating Ariana Grande only to Selena Gomez, use the app. Musers am going to like posts, comment, ask searches and allow visitors online free musically followers hack tool to intro duets. They can actually point out his or her musical. Ly fulfilled on various other cultural push platforms, only to like most of the platforms, musical. Ly is only hashtag centric. Last year, yet the #DontJudgeChallenge proceeded to go viral thanks to musical. Ly’s musers. Yet the cultural push campaign was more likely to get over researches shaming, as per MTV, but then actually execute the contrary by just reinforcing cosmetic “ideals. “

Musical. Ly affiliates shared movies of themselves in search of “ugly” by having glasses, pimples, space tooth, dense eyebrows only to notion hair. Watch yet the video more than to ascertain a few of the #DontJudgeChallenge, only to know that video will provide almost 120 million destinations on YouTube. Essentially, musical. Ly allows its affiliates directly to express themselves on an increasingly creative way. But then many of the app’s affiliates are currently young. Really, a person whether it be its most effective stars, Jacob Sartorius, is only 13. He will provide more than 10 million followers on their app. Directly to download only to join yet the app, affiliates need to be at the minimum 13. But then let’s become biological, it is not rough directly to relax all over your age on the net. What is live. Ly?

Live. Ly, yet the live-streaming video app, is only fairly brand-new. It turned out highlighted in may only to racked up more than 2 million downloads on a month. Since we’ve many persons followed, there’s a traveling recognition made for live-streaming cultural push by having Twitter’s Periscope only to Facebook Live. Since musical. Ly hopes tunes, live. Ly will provide musers for free reign on how they wish to home window followers only to allows musers directly to communicate with followers instantly. Musers can choose out on several different categories, relating make-up, life-style, sing, dance, and so forth. , directly to tag within their live movies. So are that these apps harmless for that cardiovascular system schoolers?

Likely. However the rough role is only the choice. You must have directly to make sure your kid disables space solutions for the app on his or her telephone modes. After that from your app, you must have directly to intro 3 tabs from your app settings:

Basically close friends am going to immediate. Ly me personally

Cover space guide

Confidential believed

First of all on live. Ly, affiliates transmission on off their musicl. Ly believed, so the putting likes am going to stay an equal for the live-streaming app. Made for live. Ly, anxiousness yet the requirement for obtaining intelligent with all the current app. Live streaming is only exactly what it looks like; your kid have always been live on the net, lacking in the capability to edit yet the video before others view it. Space of the live-stream is only influential as it could give apart details about so where your kid lives only to spends day. Here’s an additional thing to remember. Musical. Ly is only of course a young music-based app, however, not the variety of tunes are currently kid friendly. You can find thousands of song categories to choose from only to what seems like an incredible number of tunes, which means that your kid likely isn’t more likely to become singing Disney tunes.